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Dagens adresse(all korenspondanse vil bli sendt til denne adressen.)

når ønsker du å begynne å arbeide på Jøssåsen Landsby? 

Vær oppmerksom på at vi foretrekker at medarbeidere er for et helt år


Vi er interresert i all utdannelse, praktisk og personlig utvikling. Vær vennlig og kom med detaljer om relevante utdannelser.

Community Service

We are interested to learn how you have been active in community service, social action groups, and support for individuals who are disadvantaged. Please tell us why you decided to get involved, and what you received in return — what did you learn? Your involvement could include supporting an individual, contributing in your neighborhood, school, youth group, religious organization, social, professional, land care, volunteer groups etc. Please fill in start date and stop date.

Prior Community Experience

Have you visited, lived or worked in a Camphill community before? If so, please provide details.
(Where possible, provide contact name and details (phone/fax/email), and start date/stop date)

Employment history

Please provide details of the duties and responsibilities you were given in the positions in which you were employed. List the most current position first.
Please fill in Name of organization and employer, From date and To date, and Duties and responsibilities.

Skills and Experience

Please list qualities, skills, experiences and talents that you would bring to Jøssåsen Landsby.
(Explain how you might contribute to the work of the project and community living.)

Motivation and Goals


Please write about one page describing ways in which your experience and background have influenced your wish to volunteer as an intern at Jøssåsen Landsby. We are interested to read a chronological account of your life, including references to family background/situation, significant experiences, (for instance, encounters with significant people, community living experiences, illnesses), as well as any other details you consider relevant.

Future / Vocation Studies

Health Information

Being an as an intern at Jøssåsen Landsby is enriching and presents many challenges — physical, mental, and emotional. It is important that you have physical, mental and emotional stamina for participating fully in daily life and work here. Please describe your ability to work under potentially demanding conditions as well as areas where you might need special support or are not willing/able to work.

Finding Jøssåsen Landsby